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Barbados Financial Services Review 2002

Integris Funds in Cayman – Creating a Class of Its Own

The principals Barbados based Integris Bank & Trust (Integris) are not new to institutional financial services. In addition to banks in Barbados (both Integris and Bayshore Bank & Trust) and an asset management business in the Cayman Islands (Integris Funds Limited), the group has helped finance some of North America’s most significant e-commerce initiatives.

The Integris offering is really quite unique, says John Perry Bujouves, principal of the offshore group of companies. Simply put, there are three ways to access their world-class investment programs. “Our private investment pools are available for our investors with a minimum of $50,000 to invest. For more substantial investors we can issue Redeemable preferred shares of our bank. The shares permit qualified investors to enjoy a indefinite deferral of tax, an investment that is professionally managed by world-class leaders in asset management and an override on Integris bank & Trust profits.” says Bujouves.

The third way to access the investment programs is the recently established institutional offering. “It was established to augment and solidify our relationship with other professionals and financial services firms.” says Maurice Fortier, vice president, investment services. “It is an area that is generating great appeal in the institutional market-place.

Integris Institutional is a complete turn-key system for other institution and financial consultants. The system allows access to Integris Investment services, research and sales support all under the partner’s own brand image.

A range of features enable Institutional Partners to prepare detailed and professional investment proposals for Integris products, says Fortier. “with complete sales and relationship management support.”

The Integris secure internet site also allows Institutional Partners to view detailed records of a client’s risk profile, history and investment performance as well as flexible fee records on a per client basis or on an aggregate.

“The launch of Integris Institutional is very exciting.” Says Bujouves, indicating that the Institutional offering will continue to expand the assets under management at Integris. Integris realizes it can only be truly successful if it offers its partners and other clientele not only above average investment returns, but also investment expertise, support and competitive financial incentives.

The combination of services available within Integris and its innovative approach makes it clear that Barbados is not just home to hotels and holiday-makers. It is also home to the house of Integris: a financial institution with foresight. By allowing financial advisors to label and really expand the functionality of these products within their own network, Integris Bank & Trust would seem to be creating a class of its own.

Integris Bank & Trust

Integris Bank & Trust is a Barbados based financial service company specializing in providing investment management services to Bayshore Bank & Trusts high-net-worth offshore clients and to Integris Funds Limited, which is an exempted company incorporated and registered under the laws of the Cayman Islands.