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DLK on Avenue May 2007

Dr. Lisa Kellett Defines Canada as a Global Leader in Dermatology by Bringing the First Non-Invasive Fat Removal Technology to North America.

Toronto, ON – May 2007

DLK on Avenue, with leading dermatologist Dr. Lisa Kellett, breaks ground by being the first in North America to offer the UltraShape™ - a guided non-invasive focused ultrasound selective technology. Dr. Lisa Kellett has now put Canada on the map by being part of the global community offering the newest technology, the UltraShape™ Along with Europe and Latin America, Canada is now being recognized as a leader in non-invasive solutions for the aesthetic medial field.

The UltraShape™ Contour I with G-NIUS™ Technology is the first noninvasive solution for body contouring that has been clinically demonstrated to deliver measurable circumferential reduction. A multi-clinical controlled study with the UltraShape™ system included five global sites in which 137 patients underwent a single treatment resulting in an average 2cm reduction in circumference of treated area. This procedure is for the average person with those ‘hard to get rid of’ fat deposits. Following CE approval from the European Union, more than 14,000 commercial UltraShape treatments have been performed successfully, with no serious adverse effects. Unlike Liposuction, a surgical technique and the only other fat removal option to date, the UltraShape™ has no risk associated with it, no long recovery times, and no discomfort to the patient. The UltraShape™ procedure is done using advanced tracking and guiding software that minimizes the risk of contour irregularities, a common side effect of liposuction. With a real-time tracking and guidance system the procedure delivers smooth, uniform body contouring results. UltraShape™ technology works by applying focused therapeutic acoustic waves for selective disruption of adipocytes (fat cells), by delivering a predetermined amount of ultrasound energy into the fat layer. The ultrasound waves generate a mechanical effect causing fat cell membranes to rupture – and literally liquefy into free fatty acids that are then processed by the body naturally. This mechanical effect ensures that only fatty tissue within the targeted area is disrupted. After completion of treatment, the patient can simply go back to his or her normal routine. Dr. Lisa Kellett brings the best, and most advanced technology into DLK on Avenue, which is part of what makes DLK on Avenue the most superior Dermatology clinic in Canada. DLK on Avenue is a leader in noninvasive treatment options to improve skin and body contours. Based in Toronto, Ontario, Dr. Lisa Kellett’s goal is to provide patients with the opportunity to realize a fresher version of them-selves with out surgery and the UltraShape system is one of the newest procedures to achieve this.

About DLK on Avenue:

Dermatologist, Dr. Lisa Kellett is pleased to offer the most innovative and advanced skin care solutions to rejuvenate skin and make it look and feel it’s very best. Located at 108 Avenue Road, DLK on Avenue is Toronto's latest state-of-the-art skin care facility, delivering a new standard of clinically effective, medically directed skin care treatments, using the most advanced technology available.