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Globacor Partners is pleased to announce that it will develop an additional 500 new homes in its planned community in Guelph, Ontario.

Toronto, December, 2012

Globacor Partners Inc., in partnership with Coletara Development has acquired additional land holdings to add to its development portfolio located in Guelph, Ontario. These additional lands will expand on the medium density residential planned community acquired in 2011, adding approximately 500 residential households, filling out the product mix and price points to be offered in the future. Coletara Development will oversee investment implementation activities through Subdivision Registration, Site Plan Approval, Condominium Registration, Site Servicing and Residential Home Construction, while Globacor Partners will steward the investment strategy. "With the success of our past projects, combined with an opportunity to expand the scale of this development, we are confident that our investment strategy is solid", says John Perry Bujouves, Partner with the Globacor Group. Paul LeBreux of the Globacor Group added, "our approach is positive from both an investment view - and from the perspective of the residents in the City of Guelph". "Within this Market Node, consumer demand for quality, affordable housing offerings, combined with commercial and retail service amenities has grown beyond existing market supply. This initiative will contribute to the realization of Guelph's plans for a new Mixed Use East End Node. We are eager to get started. This will be a Win-Win for the City, the consumer and our team" adds Paul Kemper, head of Globacor's Real Estate Division, and President of Coletara Development.

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