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GlobalOptions Dec 01, 2010

GlobalOptions Group Completes Sale of its Forensic DNA Solutions and Products Unit

NEW YORK, Dec 01, 2010 (BUSINESS WIRE) --

GlobalOptions Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: GLOI) has completed the sale of the stock of The Bode Technology Group, Inc. ("Bode"), its Forensic DNA Solutions and Products subsidiary, to SolutionPoint International, Inc. for a total aggregate consideration of up to $30.5 million.

The total aggregate consideration consists of (i) $24.5 million in cash, of which $2.5 million will be held in escrow until December 31, 2011; (ii) contingent consideration equal to 30% of revenues of Bode in excess of $27.0 million recognized for a period of one year from closing, with the total contingent consideration not to exceed $5.5 million; and (iii) $0.5 million as a result of a certain tax election made by SolutionPoint International, Inc.

Needham & Company, LLC served as financial advisor to GlobalOptions Group on this transaction.

GlobalOptions Group, Inc.

GlobalOptions Group (NASDAQ: GLOI) previously provided risk mitigation and management services, including forensic DNA analysis, proprietary DNA collection products, and related research services to law enforcement agencies, federal and state governments, crime laboratories and disaster management organizations. Additional information regarding GlobalOptions Group is available at our website at

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