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Summit Townes by Coletara

March 20, 2015
Guelph and District Homes

We are sure to see some real development of much of the untapped real estate opportunities in the northern and eastern parts of Guelph in the next few years, and there's no telling what great things will come of it. Of course, Coletara are ready ahead of the curve, proceeding with their Summit Townes development, with move-in dates beginning as soon as early 2016. But not only do these freehold townhouses constitute a great leap forward in terms of the expansion of residential Guelph; they are also attractive, efficient, and well-designed in our own right.

Homes in the development range from 1369 to 1525 square feet, and can easily be distinguished even from a distance by their soaring roof lines. That skyline effect also serves as the first indication of how much space these place offer, and how Coletara have made that a focus here, in terms of both design and raw numbers. All units feature nine-foot ceilings and truly open-concept main floors, with convenient and space-maximizing options like upper-floor laundry facilities.

To be sure, though, this development is about much more than just space, as seen in the diverse array of optional floorplans and lot features to choose from. There are no fewer than four broad designs available, each magnificently customizable. For instance, there are many unique facades of brick and stone for every layout , adding some real personality to the development and affording you that extra bit of self-expression, along with some serious curb appeal. Kitchen islands, dinettes, and peninsula counters are common and very popular upgrades for the principal rooms, while options upstairs include luxury ensuite bathrooms and walk-in closets. Further general options include extended-depth lots, walk-out basements, garage entrances, and much more. Classy above-average finishes throughout help to complete the picture, and again the variety available really helps you make sure that everything turns out just your way. And to reiterate, this is currently a one-of-a-kind chance to get into a rapidly developing area before the planned commercial expansion nearby drives up prices. There are sure to be more housing developments popping up in this part of town over the next few years, but the market will probably put them at twice the current rate before long, so you'll want to move as soon as possible.

There is also the matter of limited supply to consider here. All of Summit Townes put together amounts to just sixty-two residences in total, and the current Phase Two offering (which just launched on March 14) includes only twenty-four of those.

Furthermore, competition for remaining units promises to be stiff indeed, as there are some very limited-time-only promotions available now (though I cannot say for how much longer). Couple that with some extraordinary low prices and Coletara's offer to let all buyers sign on with just a 5% deposit, and there is sure to be a run on these coming very soon.

With that in mind, you'll thank yourself for coming down to the fully finished model home at 53 Frasson Drive, open to the public Monday to Wednesday from 2:00PM to 7:00PM, Saturday and Sunday from 12:00PM to 5:00PM. Or call 519-265-5980 for a private appointment.