Family Office

“Clients don't rely on us just for the answers. They hire us for our questions too.”

We are a firm established to deliver to you what we do for ourselves.

Our team of International Tax Lawyers, Bankers, Chartered Accountants and Investment Advisors are available to you to assist with:

  • family office style oversight and administration of your investment affairs,
  • anticipating and responding to international legal and tax landscapes that impact the way our clients manage and protect their assets,
  • asset allocation reviews and objective research and evaluations of investment advisors with institutional insight to assist with fee negotiations,
  • fraud prevention, due-diligence and forensic reviews of existing arrangements.

At Globacor, we understand that we will succeed only if our clients do. We have an unwavering commitment to share what we learn with our clients and to infuse everything we do with the knowledge we gain from being a leader in financial services.

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